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Summer Staff

Get reliable hard-working employees for summer season. Summer Staffing provides US employers with motivated efficient English-speaking workers. They are international university students who are legally allowed to work in the US during their summer break. Most of the workers come from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, China and Thailand.

The students are ideal for entry-level jobs - from housekeepers to restaurant staff. They pass English language tests, background checks and interviews with counselors before coming to the US. Additionally, it can be arranged for employers to personally interview preselected candidates.

Workers come to the US on a J1 visa which allows them to work legally for up to 4 months (usually starting from mid-May till mid-September). They have work authorization and health insurance upon their arrival. The employers also save on payroll taxes.

The service is free for the employers. Tell us your hiring needs and we will provide with the list of qualifying workers. Whether you need just one or dozens of workers, we will find the right people to cover the positions.

Secure your busy summer season with reliable industrious workers now.

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